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A high-tech semiconductor material company
Gipfel Sematerial Co., Ltd. is located in the exclusive national petrochemical park in Northeast China-Dalian Changxing Island Petrochemical Industrial Park. The company covers an area of 130,000 square meters.
Gipfel Sematerial Co., Ltd. is a high-tech semiconductor material company based on independent innovation, integrating R&D, production and technical services, with its own patented technology to produce and develop ultra-clean and high-purity electronic chemicals. The company's independent R&D center in Dalian - "Liaoning Electronic Chemicals Innovation Center", it has laboratories in Shanghai and Shenzhen.
Adopt the latest international process, the production of ultra-clean and high-purity semiconductor special compound solvent is suitable for semiconductor (TR, IC), crystalline silicon solar energy (solar PV), FPD flat panel display (TFT-LCD, CF, TP, OLED, PDP, etc.) and special wet electronic chemicals in the manufacturing process of LED, silicon wafer, lithium battery, opto-magnetic and other processes - ultra-clean and high-purity reagents.
The company adheres to the corporate culture of "keep improving", adheres to the corporate philosophy of "integrity", and provides high-quality products for global and Chinese customers.

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